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Train With Us!

Our Indoor Cycling Instructor Certification Program was created by Tash Marshall Bean and is delivered by a team of experienced and passionate Master Trainers. Our instructors are eager to share their skill and knowledge with those who are ready to discover their power, their voice, and their most authentic selves! Having worked with over 60 boutique spin studios and having trained and mentored over 1,800 indoor cycling instructors across North America, we are confident that our program and our master trainers will have you reaching new heights in life and in the indoor cycling community!

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When you train with Authentic Instructor Training, you'll have the foundation and skills required to rock any spin studio audition, teach an empowered and memorable class, create playlists that motivate and inspire your riders, and foster an atmosphere where passion, fitness and community collide. We are here to help you discover your big voice, grow your business, find your power, AND your tap into your authenticity!


  • starting studios from the ground up,

  • amping up existing studios, as well as

  • mentoring and training instructors.


Our success has been driven by empowering individuals everywhere to find their instructor confidence and go out and inspire others!

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