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Become an
indoor cycling instructor

The Authentic Instructor Training Indoor Cycling Certification is offered both online or in-studio, to allow you the opportunity to learn in your preferred setting. We will teach you how to refine your technique, connect with confidence and learn to lead! No matter your familiarity with the bike, this certification is for you!  Our training helps you shine in front of a room whether you want to teach or just peek behind the magic.

Our Indoor Cycling Instructor Certification Covers:

 Customize your bike setup 

✔ Fundaments of beat-based riding and resistance

✔ Mastering technique

✔ Introduction to choreography & rhythm

✔ Effective cueing so that the class can follow you with ease

✔ How to build your confidence & get out of your own way

How to find your bold, commanding and powerful voice

✔ Mastering motivation & inspiration within your classes

✔ Connect with every single client and keep them coming back

✔ Access to our exclusive bangin' Spotify playlists

We are continually updating and enhancing our program to keep things fun and full of educational materials to help you become the best spin instructor you can be!

The journey to become an EPIC SPIN INSTRUCTOR requires hard work, dedication and practice!  If you are motivated in your practice and receptive to your coaching tips, we have no doubt that you will be ready to head towards your studio stage!  It's all up to YOU!

No matter your level of experience, we’ve got your back.

You will receive: 


Our program training workbook 


Both classroom-style learning and on the bike training


Access to our exclusive Spotify Library 


One-on-One coaching tips from your Master Trainer


Certificate of Completion

Already an instructor?

Are you an individual Indoor Cycling or Fitness Instructor looking to “amp-up” your skills and overall class performance?


We offer 1-on-1 private coaching to take you

to your next level!

Are you an individual Indoor Cycling Instructor, or Soon-To-Be Indoor Cycling Instructor who's looking to “amp-up” your skills and overall class performance? We offer 1-on-1 private coaching sessions with our Master Trainer and Founder, Tash! 


Your Choices:

30-minute self-recorded video assessment & private 30-minute coaching session.


60-minute  private coaching session and skip the video assessment.

Start by sending us an email by clicking the button below. 



Private coaching is where the magic happens! During your time with Tash, she will give you actionable coaching tips that you can implement in your very next class! Not only will you have a renewed sense of confidence, but your skills will be improved.


Let's do this!

Your Indoor Cycling Instructor Journey Starts NOW

If you're ready to put in the work to level up your ride and learn how to deliver exceptional classes - let's get started! 

Choose from the options below:

The Investment



Our online live training program allows you to learn and practice at your own pace. You'll be given access to our online portal where you can join our live sessions, or watch the session recordings! 




In our weekend training You will learn both on and off of the bike, and receive one-on-one feedback from your Master Trainer while you learn alongside other aspiring instructors! 

Online or In Person

are you ready?

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