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Tash with a Spin Bike

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  • Who should take our spin instructor training?
    If any of the below describe you, you are likely an excellent candidate for our indoor cycling instructor training! - I want to take my riding skills to a new level and understand more about indoor cycling. - I have been wanting to audition to become a spin instructor, but I have no idea where to start or what to expect. - I am a new spin instructor, but I want to learn more, further my skills and create a waitlisted spin class schedule week after week! - I struggle to create impactful and empowering playlists that keep my riders engaged and coming back for more. - I love teaching spin classes, but I feel like I can bring more ME, I am just not sure how. - I've been told that I need to come out of my shell, and struggle to find my instructor confidence. - I am wanting to open my own studio, but I need help figuring out where to start. - I want to be a part of a community of authentic, empower and bad a$$ spin instructors that help me learn, grow and thrive!
  • Do you need access to an indoor cycling bike to complete training?
    Short answer - no! You will want to have access to a spin bike during your online training, but you will not need it during our actual sessions. You will need access to a bike in between our sessions in order to practice what you've learned! This can be at your local gym, spin studio, or a friends house!
  • Do I have to teach, or want to be a spin instructor, to take this program?
    No! Many of those who take our training are just looking to improve their ride, and overall class experience! Some have never even rode an indoor bike pre-training! We love having a full range of individuals as we all bring something unique and valuable into our training!
  • Will I have access to your online training portal after I complete my training?
    Yes! You will have access to the materials for 2 weeks following your training. After that you will have direct access to us with any and all questions!
  • What will I learn during your indoor cycle course?
    In our indoor cycle instructor training and certification course, you will learn: ✔Bike Set Up ✔Bike Safety ✔ Terminology ✔ Musicality ✔ Riding To The Beat ✔Finding Your 'Big Voice' ✔Choreography ✔Creating Magical Experiences ✔BPM Management ✔Class Roadmap ✔Playlist Creation ✔Cueing & Pre-cueing ✔Engaging Your Clients ✔Social Media & How To Promote ✔and so much more!
  • Will I be able to teach a class immediately after completing your Indoor Cycling Instructor Training?
    Throughout our Indoor Cycling Instructor Certification, you will learn all of the essentials required to ace a studio audition, and begin teaching classes. That being said, you get out of this course what you put in. You cannot become a 5-star Spin Instructor without putting in 5-star effort. Once you have completed your training, your continued practice and learning is what will take you to the next level - and we will help you with that journey.
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