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Podcast - Amanda Hess - Imperfect Courage With Tash Marshall Bean

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

A lot of us believe that we need to get rid of fear to do the things we really want to do in the world.

But the truth is that you actually need courage. Getting rid of fear is impossible. Creating courage is not.

Tash Marshall Bean is the EPITOME of courage and energy.

She is a ball of joyous energy and nobody in the world can pump you up like she can.

She also is Authentic As Fuck and get's real about the imperfect courage she uses to create results in her own life.

Take a listen, she changed my life and she can change yours too.About Tash:Tash is incredibly, ridiculously, obsessively passionate about indoor cycling and group exercise.Her fitness career started with Goodlife Fitness, and within eighteen months as an instructor, she was selected as a top 6 finalist for Instructor of the Year across Canada.She now has over 20 years of experience specializing in customer service and indoor cycling. As the founder of Authentic Instructor Training Inc., she leads a team of 7 master trainers, has worked with 70+ boutique spin studios, and has trained over 1900 instructors across North America and the UK.Tash takes tremendous pride in authenticity and being true to herself – "Authentic AF" as she likes to say! Her specialty is mentoring, training, and empowering individuals to find their authentic voice and their spin confidence.


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