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Looking to Audition? Advice from from Us & our graduates!

Updated: Aug 25

Let us know what you liked or what would you add to this list?

Okay first BREATHE! When we work ourselves up...we forget to breathe...ironic since that is the time when we really need it lol!

“Act confident and no one will question you” I always say this to my new instructors! You are bound to make mistakes and that is normal, it’s actually expected! But if you are confident in your ability your riders will not even notice! Know your stuff and trust yourself and you will kill it!!! Being confident is key, you need to sell it! Commit and don't hesitate, if you "mess up" just roll with it, and yes let the music tell you what to do. You can do anything, You just need to believe in yourself Do YOU. Don't try to teach like anyone else. Be authentic to you and your personality. No one is going to teach exactly like you, and that is GOLD. Walk into that room like you own it!! Let your sparkle shine shine!! Smile and be confident. You OWN that bike!! Less is more.

Slight zones of discomfort, that’s where we grow.

Try to remember what it’s like to be a new rider, or really new at anything. If you remember why you are explaining things (the body, intensity, feeling cues)- it will become much more natural to say than if you’re just trying to remember to say it all because you’re supposed to! Your empathy towards those new riders will show through, and you will be great!! Forget perfection - we always have room to grow, but be so proud of the journey and own that in your audition. Find a way to make everyone feel like part of the team! Easy will not make you proud! Put in the work and never stop learning!!

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